Only in Reel Life: Vixely as the Real Life Carrie Bradshaw

Ever wonder how the real life Carrie Bradshaw lives? Well, look no further than Vixely, which is featured in this video interview and apartment tour on SpacesTV with Erika Storm Wasser interviewing Vixely’s Nora Bass and touring the ultimate Vixely apartment with Lara Glaister.

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Tech’s Gender Gap: Real or Silicon (Valley) Made

“A great example of the latter is New York-based Vixely. According to Co-founder and CEO Jen Eident: ‘I was inspired to launch Vixely, a new media company, to fill the void for content that resonates with Gen Y women and is designed to fit our digital lives.'”

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Vixely Tells Us How They Get Sex to Be Taken Seriously

“Vixely was born out of the frustration over the lack of quality content for women on some of the most crucial topics, mainly sex. The company provides a portfolio of interactive iPad products-including a Top 50 bestselling iBook on sex advice, the Vixely iPad Magazine with bi-monthly issues and a daily blog.”

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For the Ladies, Vixely Unveils Its First iPad Magazine: “Let’s Get it On!”

“Vixely covers topics such as sex, dating, health, fashion and lifestyle in a modern, relatable way. It’s not cute. It’s not bitchy. And it’s really well done.”

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Digital Generation: A Chat with the Founders of Vixely

“Vixely is unique in both voice and format. Women’s media today is missing a fun, edgy and intelligent voice that resonates with female readers and that empowers women.”

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 The Sex Ed Adult Women Need

“We built Vixely with the sophisticated, discerning female in mind, who requires efficiency as well as beauty in her online experience.”

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The Young & the Guest List

“What’s Vixely? The go-to resource for It Girls seeking advice about everything from sex to style. Like Cosmopolitan, but with a sense of humor—and a soul. Seriously!”

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Vixely’s Endless Summer Cocktails & Benefit

Vixely NYC launch party covered on Guest of a Guest photo gallery.

Vixely & ROARKE NYC Holiday Party

Vixely and ROARK NYC Holiday Party covered on Guest of a Guest, article and photo gallery.







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Vixely + Roarke Collaboration_12-13-11


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