MISSION: Vixely is founded on the belief that women should have an empowering voice and a trusted outlet online to explore topics fundamental to their self-esteem.

Vixely is a new women’s media brand providing a voice for the digital generation. With over 100,000 iPad users, Vixely is rapidly becoming the new media destination for smart, sophisticated content and quality advice on topics women care about the most including sex, dating, health, fashion and lifestyle. Vixely’s portfolio of interactive iPad products—including a Top 50 bestselling iBook on sex advice, the Vixely iPad Magazine with bi-monthly issues and a daily blog—extend beyond the limitations of print, offering users an immersive experience with integrated e-commerce, videos, music, user personalization, social sharing, bookmarking and more.

Co-founders Jennifer Eident, Nora Bass and Lara Glaister founded Vixely out of their shared passion for leveraging technology, content and design to solve the unmet needs of women on these crucial issues. Vixely is about elegant design, intelligent and irreverent content, quality products, open communication and—most importantly—being unapologetically sexy.

Check out Vixely online here as well as our iPad products, including our iBooks, iPad Magazine and apps, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, to get all the ingredients for a sexy life™.


All of Vixely’s products are designed exclusively for the iPad:

Vixotica: Sexy Short Stories by the Best-Selling Erotica Authors

 Interactive iBook available in the iPad iBookstore

Smart, sexy women demand Vixotica, Vixely’s ultimate collection of sexy short stories by the best-selling erotica authors in a beautifully designed, fully interactive book. Indulge in joyful, lustful and authentic erotica and erotic romance stories that reflect the emotional and physical adventures women take to explore their sexuality and that capture women’s vibrant fantasies. Vixotica comprises sexy and romantic tales by today’s biggest names, including Donna George Storey, Charlotte Stein, Saskia Walker, Shanna Germain, Elizabeth Coldwell, Justine Elyot, Emily Jane Trent and more. Enjoy stunning custom watercolors and design, as well as interactive features, including notes, pop-ups, sharing and more for an experience unlike any other. View the iBook in iTunes.

iTunes User Review: “I loved it and the interactive features are so cool, way better written than 50 Shades and definitely the best collection of stories I have seen.”

The Female Orgasm: The Ultimate Guide—the Top 50 Bestselling Book on the iPad!

 Interactive iBook available in the iPad iBookstore

vixely guide to female orgasm

The purpose of this interactive guide is to inform women and men on female sexuality by illuminating one of the most complex and illusive topics: the female orgasm. This guide is curated from intelligent and inspirational doctors, experts and writers who have dedicated their lives to sexual teaching, including: sex and relationship expert Dr. Logan Levkoff, renowned authors of I Love Female Orgasm Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller and intimacy guru Nicole Daedone of OneTaste, as well as the Vixely team. View the iBook in iTunes.

iTunes User Review: “I wanted advice to improve my sex life and better understand how to orgasm, and this book helped with both! The writing is clear and concise with concrete advice and tips, and the interactive features (quizzes, images and video) are really fun to go through, too. I loved how it approached orgasm and sex so tastefully and holistically. The images throughout the book are pretty and playful, and just made the whole learning experience incredibly enjoyable. A great read for every woman.”

The Dating Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Meeting a Great Guy, Online Dating, & Flirting 

 Interactive iBook available in the iPad iBookstore

Men have The Game, you have Vixely. The Dating Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Meeting a Great Guy, Online Dating, Flirting and the First Date is more than just another “pick-up” guide. In trueVixely fashion, we make dating fun, exciting, rewarding and all about you. Sophisticated, busy women like you need quick, helpful, positive advice on dating so you can efficiently meet incredible guys in real-life and online—all while feeling great about yourself. Vixely tells you like it is so you show off your true self and make the most of every dating moment to keep men wanting more. Spend more time enjoying dates and less time trying to find them. Get the advice that wins men over and ensures their respect with way less effort. View the iBook in iTunes.

iTunes User Review: “Really fun, interactive advice that is written by women who clearly understand the complexities of dating today, particularly online! The book covers everything in the early stages of dating and with helpful ways to meet guys and what dating sites to choose. Love it!” 

Vixely iPad Magazine

 Interactive iPad Magazine available now for free in iTunes Newsstand

Vixely’s iPad Magazine, now available in the iTunes Newsstand, offers advice on the topics you care about the most—including sex, dating, health, fashion and lifestyle—to empower you, make you laugh and always keep you in the know. Our interactive content is designed exclusively for the iPad with you in mind. At Vixely, we play by our own rules—and frankly, almost anything goes. Produced and curated from experts and peers, we take a fresh approach to women’s media and cut through the noise for information that is useful, fun and reflects your real life experiences. Vixely’s iPad Magazine leverages the power of the tablet for an immersive experience including music, video and shopping within the app. Get ready for a good time! Learn more or view the demo.

Issue 2: “Endless Summer of Love”

Issue Description: Don’t miss Vixely’s Second Issue featuring exclusive interviews, our “Vix Six” Hottest Bachelors and Bachelorettes, brazen True Stories and candid advice. This issue offers the latest in culture, society, and trends with a deeply immersive experience designed exclusively for the iPad. Plus: Nantucket in New York, Man-Hunting, how to throw a punch, Dating Diaries, how to get what you want in bed and fashion that gives back. Looking good never felt better. Inspired by Vixely’s mantra to always love ourselves, this issue offers summer love to last you way past Labor Day. View in iTunes Newsstand.

Issue 1: “Let’s Get It On!”

Issue Description: Get Vixely’s iPad Magazine Debut Issue, aptly titled “Let’s Get It On!” for a totally unique, interactive experience on the iPad. This issue, meet our “Vix Six” Hottest Bachelors and Bachelorettes, watch NYC fitness expert Marlo Fisken walk you through Six Tips for a Sexy Body, learn from interior designer CeCe Barfield how to create the perfect bedroom, listen to our Vix Mix from Million Dollar Deli, book a vacation on AirBnB and so much more. Plus, shop and explore our location-based city guides right within the app. View in iTunes Newsstand.

User Review from the App Store: “Vixely has embarked upon a mission where self exploration, learning, and growth are actively nurtured and they are providing actionable advice which if utilized will please women and men alike! And there is almost nothing more attractive and appealing than a woman who is confident enough to try new things, is comfortable in her own skin, and for whom the amount of pleasure one can experience is bounded only by the limitless nature of imagination. Excited to see the journey this dynamic powerhouse team of smart women takes Vixely users on in the months ahead!.”

31 Ways to Seduce & Satisfy a Woman 

  iPad App available in App Store

This interactive app offers dating, sex and relationship tips for guys curated from real women (us!) as well as the extended Vixely team of leading experts, doctors and writers. Given that our core demographic is women, we created this app targeted to men as a companion product to our current tablet web app given our considerable male user feedback and their extended engagement on the Vixely beta app. This app reflects the Vixely voice—witty, playful but also real and honest—as well as our focus on tablet engagement, interactivity and design. Check out the app in the iTunes App Store or learn more and see screenshots here.

User Review from the App Store: “I downloaded this app on the advice of a friend who knew that I just started dating a girl who had been a long time friend. Now that things have moved to the next level, “31 Ways” has been delightfully insightful. I fell more confident in my ability to woo her during his transition from the dreaded friend zone and into something more meaningful. Vixely takes a fresh, honest, no BS approach to man’s seduction of the opposite sex. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.” – Andrew