Vix Six: 6 Common Myths vs. Facts About Men

Understanding what men want can feel a little bit like looking into a black box. So, market researchers Christopher Brya and Miguel Almaraz (authors of WTF Men Are Thinking) went out looking for the facts about what men really think to dispel any lingering myths. They surveyed 250,000 men on their thoughts on everything from communication to sex, dating, romance, and marriage. Since the Vixely woman typically doesn’t waste (too much of) her time trying to decipher men’s behavior (um, you have a life), we thought these survey results were useful to set the record straight. Here’s what we learned:

Myth #1: Men don’t listen.

Fact: 90 percent of guys said they really do make an effort to listen to their significant other when they’re in a committed relationship. Brya and Almaraz’s advice is to keep it simple when talking to men, and to make your points clear and concise (this communication tip works well in just about every scenario in fact!).

Myth #2:  Men want to be in control.

Fact: 82 percent of the guys said that they like it when women ask them out, and over 60 percent said they want the woman to be the aggressor in the bedroom. Good to know! Now, where is my Booty Parlor Feather Spanker

Ugh, buddy, what do you WANT!?

Myth #3: Men always want sex.

Fact: Nearly 40 percent of guys said that, when they’re busy at work or concerned about family matters, they’re just not in the mood. This is good to know if you’re feeling less romantic interest from your partner so you don’t feel slighted and can help him get through whatever he’s got going on outside your personal lives.

Myth #4: Men aren’t inherently monogamous.

Fact: Actually, 81 percent of men said they would never cheat on their partner—even if they could get away with it. (The survey apparently didn’t ask whether these men actually have ever cheated on their partner, but hearing they want to do the right thing is good as well.)

Myth #5: Men don’t like foreplay.

Fact: 84 percent of the men polled said that foreplay is just as important as sex. Many said that that foreplay makes sex more pleasurable and intense for them or that getting their significant other in the mood was just as hot. Also, over 90 percent of men said they also like to cuddle afterward. Who doesn’t love a cudddler?!

Myth #6: Men need to earn more than their partner. 

Fact: 88 percent of the guys polled said they’re fine with having their significant other be the breadwinner. According to one guy surveyed, “What backwards idiot would say no to this question?”

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Learn more about the WTF Men Are Thinking project on their site and read more about the book’s findings on HuffingtonPost

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