SXSW Update: Hanging Out With Highlight Team (Location Based App) & Sunday Cartoon

Highlight has definitely been the most buzzed about app of SXSW this year. I have been into it for awhile now (see previous post) and had the opportunity to discuss the company with CEO, Paul Davison and about new features they are looking to implement. I brought up the concern for privacy and allowing users to be only visible to their friends but Paul discussed how they really debated that idea but decided against it and believes their core values is in the strength of the data sharing from everyone who is using the app being publicly available.

Highlight CEO Paul Davison, Jen and Highlight Team Member

I really enjoyed meeting him as well as rest of the team, they are great, laid back guys (and I didn’t realize that Paul was a Stanford GSBer a couple years ahead of me!).

They just launched a new feature which lets you highlight users you are interested in following, then you can see who others are following and it acts as a great discovery tool.

The tech press has been going crazy over it, with Techcrunch posting several articles and Eric Eldon  put it above Glancee and the new FoursquareMashable called it “the most frictionless manifestation of the [ambient awareness] idea yet.” Two weeks ago Robert Scoble pitched Highlight and Glancee (which I am not so hot about) as the two hot apps to watch at the festival, but more recently outlined reasons he thought Highlight would be the hit in the race for king of SXSW.

Highlight CEO, Jen and Nora from Vixey ans All things D Reporter,

Much more photos from SXSW to come!!




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