Sex & Hacking: The Bold Moves of Tim Ferriss

The guy sure has sex appeal. Tim Ferriss at Burning Man 2010. Photo by Mike Hodge.

Tim Ferriss has been rather busy lately; in addition to hosting a special weekend conference in Napa in late August and discussing reinventing oneself and one’s professional life with photographer Chase Jarvis, The New York Times recently announced his partnership with Amazon for his forthcoming book, The 4-Hour Chef, as Amazon moves into the publishing space. Ferriss continues to receive praise for his two previous books, The New York Times bestsellers The 4-Hour Work Week and The 4-Hour Body, both of which reveal Ferriss’ knack for researching the hell out of a topic, and unearthing a better answer than anyone else.

Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body and its chapters focusing on female sexual satisfaction and efficiency via the “15-Minute Orgasm,” an orgasmic meditation technique created by sex guru Nicole Daedone of OneTaste, were truly an inspiration to Vixely. We applaud Ferriss for his openness towards addressing a topic that remains shrouded in mystery and taboo and yet is fundamental to a woman’s feelings of happiness and health. Finally, here is a guy speaking honest, guy language about the female orgasm and who, thanks in large part to Daedone, actually knows what he’s talking about. (Be sure to check out Vixely’s Fall issue for our 15-Minute Orgasm interactive guide!)

Like Buddha under his tree. Photo by Chris McPherson for The New Yorker.

Most recently, The New Yorker published this interview with Ferriss, anointing him the self-help sage of Silicon Valley. As the article describes, Ferriss tells his readers to “hack yourself” and suggests myriad ways to find the “minimal effective dose” (his mantra) to live and work–and even to “facilitate” the female orgasm. Most importantly, the article captures Ferriss’ unique mastery of personal branding through experimentation and curation of expert advice. Here are a few excerpts we enjoyed:

Ferriss likes to declare that this is the age of the self-experimenter, and his mantra is “minimal effective dose.” His goal is to determine how much can be achieved with how little, and his method is to interview experts— [including] Nina Hartley, a porn actress—and convey their findings in prose that ranges from alarmingly high-tech to reassuringly conversational…In his more demotic moments he sounds like a staff writer for Maxim: “So cover the baby’s ears. I’m going to tell you something stunning and disgusting. . . . Most guys like pornography. And Santa Claus does not exist.” 

…Ferriss’s fifteen-minute-orgasm chapter may be his most-thumbed: it features hand-drawn illustrations, similar to those showing the Heimlich maneuver which restaurants are obliged to display, demonstrating how a woman’s partner might “facilitate” an extended paroxysm. The experience that Ferriss is promoting is less superhuman than the chapter title implies: it’s a fifteen-minute session of precisely targeted stroking, during which the female partner climaxes repeatedly. “It’s not just one clenched vagina for fifteen minutes—that would be horrible for everyone,” he [says].

Well, one thing is clear: Mr. Ferriss definitely disproves our correlation theory on Princeton grads in bed.

Watch Ferriss bring sex to tech as he discusses the 15-minute orgasm with Andrew Keen (who is hilariously awkward) on TechCrunch TV below:

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